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Buy Museum Art Reproductions | Ignudo (24) by Michelangelo Buonarroti |
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Group Set Frame

Group set of oil paintings GroupSet is the perfect way to decorate your home with a unique design conceived by you.
This group set of oil painting on canvas will be build according to your choices the day after we receive your order. Your order will be made specifically for you, we will never made twice the same combination of Painting/GroupSet/Size.
After we receive your order, our factory will then start build the wooden frames, then our factory will receive the frames and will start painting. The factory take 3 day to paint.
The paintings are made in our GroupSet factory not in our artist's studio (which take 3 weeks to paint)
If you want to have an artwork copy of museum quality you should order an Oil Painting Reproduction to Studio.
With GroupSet you can decorate your home at the best price with a unique design build specifically for you.

Buy Museum Art Reproductions | Ignudo (24) by Michelangelo Buonarroti |
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  • Group set of oil paintings
  • GroupSetOilPainting [{S-8XZRLM}]
  • GroupSet(GS-L------(1)-Canvas)
  • Dim(24 x 37 inch (61 x 94 cm))
  • Shipping(DHL/Fedex)
  • Promotion: -45USD
  • DHL/Fedex - 7 Days [45 USD]

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Worlwide shipping !

Average delivery time by DHL/Fedex is one week based on your location. Average delivery time by post is 40 days. We will sent you the tracking code after framing, packaging and shipping.

Gift Service

Gift wrap + Gift card with your message. (After submitting your order, write the Gift Message trough the links sent in the order confirmation)

Total: 380 USD